The Randirobics™ Kids Club

Randirobics Radio broadcasting live from outerspace below....!!!



                                                                  The Randirobics™ Kids Club Radio Show

                                     A children's radio program featuring interactive sing-along kids fitness routines,                                                       educational space adventures, Randi singing her original songs and a lot of "Out of                                                                                       this world" FUN for the entire family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



                                Randirobics Fitness Concert

Accolades, Quotes and Reviews

Randi Rocks!!

Joe Franklin, WOR-TV and Radio personality...Randi's talents, looks and personality for fitness are equivalent to Elizabeth Taylor's on the big screen.

Richard Ornstein, King of Fitness.... Randi is the Jack LaLanne for children of the new century.

Daily News...What do you get when you combine the fitness craze with the Nickelodeon generation? Randirobics!

Great Neck Record...Randi is the Jane Fonda of the toddler set.

Shelter Rock Library...Parents have been singing her praises and the kids want to know when they can see her again.