The Randirobics™ Kids Club

Randirobics Radio broadcasting live from outerspace below....!!!



                                                                  The Randirobics™ Kids Club Radio Show

                                     A children's radio program featuring interactive sing-along kids fitness routines,                                                       educational space adventures, Randi singing her original songs and a lot of "Out of                                                                                       this world" FUN for the entire family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



                                                              Randi's Bio


Parents, teachers, children and community leaders are all talking about Randirobics.This "Out of this world" fitness entertainment program features high energy, audience participation and geared toward combating childhood obesity. Creator and host Randi Chenkin is a friendly space traveler who is excited about visiting the Milky Way Galaxy. Randi's mission is to lead children into leading a health lifestyle. 


Randi Chenkin is children's fitness instructor, radio host, actress, dancer, singer, songwriter and choreographer who entertainments children in a unique and imaginative way. Randi has been performing her shows at Elementary schools, Health clubs, Resorts, Camps, Parks departments, Libraries and children's hospitals.


Randi combines her love for fitness and performance with her passion for helping children. She has been honored with several awards and much recognition for her contribution in the fight against childhood obesity. Randi is also a member of the world famous New York Friars Club where she has performed at many of their charitable functions for children with special needs.


Randi is a volunteer Deputy Supervisor for the Community Emergency Response Team member (CERT) in Nassau County,N.Y. She has earned additional certificates for training from FEMA, the American Red Cross, Skywarn Weather and also has a GMRS radio license from the FCC. She has received an award from The New York Veterans Police Association for her work with CERT as well as a Life Time Achievement Award from for her work with the special needs community. Randi combines this knowledge to bring awareness to children & adults about Emergency Preparedness, especially those with special needs. She feels it is an honor to have this opportunity to serve her country.