The Randirobics™ Kids Club

Randirobics Radio broadcasting live from outerspace below....!!!



                                                                  The Randirobics™ Kids Club Radio Show

                                     A children's radio program featuring interactive sing-along kids fitness routines,                                                       educational space adventures, Randi singing her original songs and a lot of "Out of                                                                                       this world" FUN for the entire family!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 



                       Greetings Earthlings!

My name is Alpha and I am from the Alpha Centauri Star System. I am known as a Startoon from Randi's home world which is located in the Starzone galaxy.

I am the official mascot for the Randirobics Kids Club. I travel with Randi in her starship to assist on her wonderful missions.

Cosmic Communications:

Stay tuned in for announcements of up coming concerts, events, classes, healthy recipes, fitness tips, weather reports and space news from around the galaxy!

Fan Club & Interviews:

Randi will be interviewing your favorite celebrities, media personalities, Girl Scout leaders, PTA moms, Firemen, Police officers and Community Leaders. She will speak with them to see how they keep in shape and what they are doing to help children succeed.

At the store:

Randi takes children on space voyages, fitness adventures, story time and magical journeys through her original songs. Randi's Star Tunes are coming soon for intergalactic download. Stay tuned..