The Randirobics™ Kids Club Radio Show  

Randirobics Radio broadcasting LIVE on 100 stations throughout 35 Countries! 



                                                                  The Randirobics™ Kids Club Radio Show

                             A children's radio program featuring interactive sing-along kids fitness routines,                                                       educational adventures, Randi singing her original songs, meditation and storytime                                                                             plus out of this world fun!

                Her show is streaming on over 100 radio stations throughout 35 Countries! Tune in at Station One                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               








Randirobics™ is a BOCES accepted Arts & Ed Program that supports the N.Y.S. Learning Standards for the Arts (#1 and # 3)

Parents, teachers & community leaders are excited about partnering with Randirobics to end childhood obesity.

The Randirobics live action show is now on tour, performing children's fitness entertainment concerts, workshops and residency programs. Join her on this magical journey!

The solution to combating childhood obesity 

"Children's fitness personality" Randi Chenkin is the creator and host of Randirobics. It is an interactive educational fitness entertainment program geared for elementary school children. This magical exercise adventure blends children's sing-along aerobics routines with easy to follow sing-along lyrics, fun fitness games, meditation, entertainment, all original music and choreography with a lot of out of this world fun!

Randi also enjoys performing her songs for children. Her music features various styles such as of pop, dance, broadway, hip-hop and ballads. She collaborates on her music with Internationally known children's songwriter Lory Lazarus who has co-written 22 hit songs for the ever popular Barney television series on the PBS Network.

A Unique Program

This program gets kid moving and grooving with her trademark energy, motivational techniques and original popular music while leading them into a healthy lifestyle. She offers fitness concerts to Elementary schools, Parks Departments, Health Clubs, Libraries, Corporate events, Camps, Fundraisers and more! Randi also offers programs for children who are challenged with various disabilities.